Melissa Horton Profile - The Sports Club Four Seasons



Upon graduation from the University of Michigan, Melissa moved to Japan to teach English to local students. While in Japan she became interested in acupuncture after receiving treatment for a sports injury.  After finding pain relief and accelerated recovery, Melissa set out to study acupuncture at Morinomiya College of Medical Arts and Science in Osaka.  She achieved the distinction of becoming the only non-Japanese student to pass the certification - passing the test which is given 100% in the Japanese language. Upon receiving her national doctorate acupuncture  license in Japan, she worked in the school’s clinic and acupuncture research department for a year before returning to the United States. In 2017, Melissa then completed her master’s degree in Oriental medicine and received her license from the Texas Medical Board.  Blending her experience and knowledge from Japan with modern techniques, she is trained to administer a broad spectrum of treatment modalities, including needles, electrostimulation, cupping, tuina massage, moxibustion and herbal medicine. Melissa is a wonderful addition to our professional staff and is excited to share her knowledge and expertise with our members. For an appointment call or text 469-995-0465.