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Natalie Clarke

Personal Trainer

Phone: 972.717-2560

Natalie Clarke has had a love for fitness since her college years when she ran hurdles for the University of North Texas. She decided to make it a career in 2014 after her reign as Miss Texas. She understood the pressure of not only looking the part, but doing it in a healthy way. Natalie also has a background in classical dance, group fitness, and cycle. Currently she is a master trainer for Technogym Group Cycle while also being Schwinn certified.

Other formats she has strong experience includes boxing, kickboxing, pilates, interval training, barre, and dance. Natalie strives to encompass the entire body when it comes to training. She believes that your physical, mental and spiritual body is all connected, and loves to add encouragement on top of her sessions.

Natalie enjoys traveling, singing, spending time with family, developing herself through leadership conferences and inspirational books.